Math Instruction

Mathematics Skills Instruction and Tutoring in
Algebra, Geometry and SAT Math

We provide instruction and tutoring for all levels of mathematics proficiency in the areas of Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and SAT Math practice. The Bateson Center difference is individualized and personalized instruction. Our math services include:

Algebra I

Review the basic structure of algebra, acquire facility in handling algebraic concepts and skills and use these concepts and skills to become proficient in problem solving, understanding functions and their graphs, radicals, and real numbers.

Algebra II

Develop complex equation solving and word problem skills, study polynomials, conic sections, logarithms, analytic geometry, trigonometry, as well as advanced functions and their graphs.


Develop proofs of theorems using deductive reasoning, analyze and interpret geometric relationships, solve perimeter, area, and volume problems, solve coordinate geometry problems.

SAT Math Practice

Review specific math concepts, develop skills in mathematical reasoning and think through approaches to math problems. SAT math practice includes review of major SAT sections: