Bateson Center STUDY SKILLS Instruction

Bateson Center provides STUDY SKILLS, HABITS, and STATEGIES for a wide range of purposes, ages, levels, and topics. We begin with a Study Skills Inventory to analyze the student’s study habits and skills. We understand that all students do not learn best under the same conditions: visual learners might learn best by outlining a textbook chapter, verbal learners may truly understand a theoretical issue by talking it through with a tutor, while kinetic learners might finally grasp how an atom works by manipulating a model. Unlike other study centers that sell pre-packaged services, the Bateson Center difference is targeted, individualized, and personalized instruction tailored to the student’s learning style in a supportive, informal environment. Study skills instruction can have a powerful impact that lasts beyond the boundaries of a single classroom—a student who genuinely understands how he learns best can ask for directed help in the future and eventually learn to teach himself to solve any thinking challenge. Our Study Skills Program includes effective strategies in several essential areas: